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Lingzhi Mushroom Soup

The soup for nourishing your inner health and beauty

In the old dynasties, many emperors used lingzhi mushrooms as a secret recipe for longevity. Until today, lingzhi is still one of the best superfoods that can be included in your everyday diet.

Longan, red dates and goji berries nourish our health. These ingredients, together with ginseng, are a perfect match with lingzhi mushrooms. Combining the sweetness from the red dates and a slight bitterness from ginseng to create a natural balance, this soup is highly recommended as a confinement drink for postpartum women.

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15g American Ginseng (花旗参)

30g Lingzhi Mushroom (灵芝)

4 pieces dried shiitake mushroom

1 bottle Allswell Longan, Red Date & Goji Berry (500ml)

1tsp goji berries (枸杞)

4-5 seeded red dates (红枣)

1/2 tsp Chinese Fa Teow wine (花凋酒)

1800ml Water

1tsp chicken stock

600g chicken breast

1 slice ginger


Preparation of ingredients:

  1. Blanch chicken breast with boiling water for 6-8 minutes and remove them.
  2. Pre-soak dried shiitake mushroom
  3. Rinse all the ingredients with hot water
Preparing the broth:​​
  1. Add chicken stock, water and 500 ml of Allswell Longan, Red Date & Goji Berry and bring to boil along with Chinese Fa Teow Wine
  2. Put the blanched chicken into the pot with all other ingredients.
  3. Bring to rolling boil, then lower the heat to simmer for 1 hour
  4. Add salt to taste
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Recipes created by Chef Lisa Leong.

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