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Three Tips For Wellness At Work

Hello Friends of Allswell!

This week we depart from our usual fruity benefits to bring you some tips to improve your wellness at work! A survey conducted amongst countries in Asia indicated that Singaporeans spend more hours at work versus our Hong Kong and China neighbours. Given that we spend so much time at work, with some (16%) working upwards of 60 hours per week, it is important to make workplace wellness a priority so that we can maximise our personal physical and emotional wellbeing. Today, we will share 3 tips with you to improve your wellness at work!

  1. MOVE!

No, we are not telling you to move to another job. We are telling you to stay active! Staying in one spot 8 hours a day is torturous for the human body. Get up and walk around the office and talk to your colleagues instead of calling, or do stretching exercises at your seat! Your body will thank you for moving about. As a bonus, you could leave your office for a walk at somewhere with greenery (if your boss and office permits) as spending time with nature can reduce stress and anxiety too.

  1. DRINK!

No, definitely not that sort of boss unapproved mid-day drink you’re thinking of. With most of us working in arid air-conditioned environments, it is important to stay hydrated and healthy. Dehydration can cause drying of skin, low energy levels, shortened attention span, and worsened mood. Stay hydrated by drinking water or something healthy and natural drink like our Allswell Asian Drinks!

  1. EAT!

Don’t you hate it when you’re on a roll getting things done at work and suddenly, your stomach rumbles? Many people do not watch what they eat when the hunger pangs strike, and turn to junk food to sate themselves. This can result in the person in question overeating, gaining weight, or even feeling more tired after their snack. Stash some healthy snacks such as nuts in your office, which deliver protein, fibre, and amino acids for your body’s daily needs as well as keeping your stomach full and happy.

As the students around Singapore take a break this June Holidays, we working adults need to remember to give ourselves a break as well and watch out for our wellbeing at work as well! We hope that our three tips of Move, Drink and Eat will make your work days better!


Team Allswell