Golden Pear with Aloe Vera


    We have hand-picked perfectly ripened Golden Pears which contain micronutrients that are important for blood, bone and cardiovascular health and added in fibrous Aloe Vera bits for a hint of texture to create this refreshing drink.
    Quench your thirst and stay refreshed with Allswell Golden Pear with Aloe Vera.


    *NEW! Less sugar variant available.

    Lychee with Aloe Vera


    Allswell formulated our drink with Hei Ye lychee (黑葉荔枝), because it is one of the best varieties in the world. The Hei Ye lychee has a distinct sweet flavour, with a slight tart aftertaste. Its succulent flesh is rich in potassium, Vitamin C and copper - making it the perfect choice for our healthy yet delicious drink.


    Lychee is in-season from May to October - this is when we have carefully select naturally ripened, juicy lychees and add in aloe vera bits for a hint of texture to create this delicious drink.


    *NEW! Less sugar variant available.

    Water Chestnut & Sugar Cane


    Our signature Water Chestnut & Sugar Cane drink has been a favourite for 30 years because our recipe is simply unbeatable. Pairing the crisp flavour of Water Chestnuts with the pleasant sweetness of Red Sugar Cane, we have created the ultimate cooling beverage that perfectly complements your local cuisine.

    Water Chestnuts have anti-inflammatory properties and contain Vitamin B-6, which helps regulate sleep and mood. Red Sugar Cane contains essential amino acids, phytochemicals calcium and iron.


    *Less sugar variant available.



    The perfect blend of sweet and sour is simply irresistible.
    Made from fleshy and nutrient-filled Plums that contain Vitamin A and are a natural remedy for indigestion and hangovers, this pleasantly tangy beverage soothes your throat and satisfies your palate.


    *Less sugar variant available.

    Longan, Red Date & Goji Berry


    We have brewed two superfoods, Red Dates and Goji Berries, which are loaded with vitamins & minerals that help boost the immune system, with Longans to create a nourishing and delicious beverage.
    Consuming this modern version of an all-time favourite tonic is an easy way to stay nourished on the go.


    *Less sugar variant



    We take pride in our juicy Starfruit, which contains antioxidants, Zinc and Potassium and is believed to be a natural remedy for acne/oily skin.
    Brewed using our secret recipe, this sweet and zesty beverage is sure to make a tasty supplement to your everyday diet.

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