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Hi Friends of Allswell,

How time flies! In the blink of an eye, we are into the 2nd quarter of the year! Hope 2019 has been good for all of you thus far! Here at Allswell, we have been working hard to bring you more health and wellness tips – starting with the first of our bi-weekly blog series this month, sharing health tips, recipes, fun facts that you can use for you and your family.

This week’s topic : IS SUGAR GOOD OR BAD FOR YOU?

Now, we’ve been hearing a lot on Singapore’s War on Diabetes and how consuming too much sugar is bad for you. However, do you really know why eating too much sugar is bad for your health? Or if sugar can actually be beneficial for us?

Today, we give you 2 reasons each, why sugar is both bad for your health yet important for you.

Why sugar is good for you :

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1. Energy!

  • Sugars are the body’s main source of energy. Without sugar, you will feel lethargic and listless. Much of our sugar requirement comes from our diet, and World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends limiting dietary sugar intake to 5% of our daily calorie intake.

2. Might Be Beneficial for Brain Health

  • The brain is a major sucker for energy with an abundance of nerve cells, using up to half of sugar energy in the body. Without sugar, people tend to suffer from poor attention and cognitive function. However, the type of sugar matters - Fructose, which is found in many sugar sweetened beverages, are not as useful as natural sugars like those in honey, sugar cane, fruit.

Why sugar is bad for you :

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1. Weight Gain

  • Sugar, especially those in sugar sweetened beverages are major culprits in weight gain. They contain fructose, a simple sugar which increases hunger and desire for food more than glucose, the main kind of sugar in starchy food (1). People who drink sugar sweetened beverages will realise these drinks do not curb their hunger, and will cause them to drink even more liquid calories and eat more, leading to weight gain. If you gain too much weight, you might become obese, which has its own host of health problems such as……

2. Increases Risk of Diabetes

  • Yes, being obese increases your chances of getting diabetes. As a matter of fact, it is the biggest risk factor for diabetes (2). Excess sugar intake over the years can also lead to your body becoming resistant to insulin, the hormone made in your pancreas to control blood sugar levels. Bottom line is – with excess sugar intake you might get obese and resistant to insulin, which are both risk factors for diabetes!

So, is sugar good or bad for you?

As with all things in life, everything has its pros and cons! At Allswell, we recommend a holistic approach to health, complementing a balanced diet with an active lifestyle to achieve your goals.

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For the more health conscious amongst us, we can cultivate healthier habits such as drinking water instead of reaching for that bubble tea (yes, you with the guilty face). If you really need to satiate that sweet tooth, you can also give our Allswell Less Sugar range a try, with two new delectable flavours, Golden Pear and Lychee with Aloe Vera the pick of the crop. Allswell drinks are 100% natural and brewed in Taiwan with no preservatives and artificial colouring, so you can have more of what’s well and less of the sin. Take a baby step to a healthier lifestyle and give them a try the next time you see them during your grocery shopping!

To round it off, sugar has been receiving lots of flak in the media but it is important for us to discern the good and bad in them, and be aware how much of it we are consuming. After all, you are what you eat.


Till the next post. Keep well and may all be well!

With Love,

Team Allswell